KE’s Vision, Mission, and Values are the foundation of a unique organizational culture. At KE, talent, skills, and experience come together to create an empowered and competent workforce, contributing directly to the organization's success and growth. Along with diversity and inclusion, at KE, work-life balance is important and the company promotes health awareness, benefits, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

KE offers employees a robust benefits program. This full range of benefits and services, are an integral part of the company’s total compensation package and just one of the many things that make KE a great place to learn and work at. As per policy, benefits and perks include gratuity, provident fund, medical, group life insurance, discount programs, vehicle, fuel, cellphone, paid maternity and paternity leaves.

  • Generation

    Generation is one of the core business areas at KE. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Generation ambit has seen a massive induction of talented individuals for smooth running of operations.

  • Transmission

    With a network of power systems spread across Karachi and its neighboring areas, the scope of responsibilities and execution associated with Transmission is expansive. Multiple departments in this group include SCADA, Load Dispatch Centre and Grid System Operations.

  • Distribution

    The largest section of the KE workforce, Distribution functions provide electricity to Residential units, Commercial outlets and Industrial units, and manage collection of revenues. From Engineers to Officers, many critical skillsets are required to operate, manage, and lead within the Distribution function.

  • Human Resource

    With a workforce of approximately 11,000 employees, Human Resource at KE plays a strategic role in the business value chain. As a support group, it liaises with core business areas to identify and address HR related business needs. Individuals with passion and an understanding of local perceptions are a great fit for the HR team. HR professionals must have the ability to influence people and drive change, along with working creatively and thinking big.