Finance drives every business unit and organization. As one of the largest support functions at KE, Finance comprises of Control & Accounts, Treasury, Regulatory Affairs, Finance & Business Administration and Distribution Finance. A career in Finance is best for individuals who are analytical and enjoy working with numbers. Finance provides high quality professional exposure, mixed with decision-making and work management exposure.

Human Resource

With a workforce of approximately 11,000 employees, Human Resource at KE plays a strategic role in the business value chain. As a support group, it liaises with core business areas to identify and address HR related business needs. Individuals with passion and an understanding of local perceptions are a great fit for the HR team. HR professionals must have the ability to influence people and drive change, along with working creatively and thinking big.


Safety is a business value at KE which is evident by its commitment to an incident-free workplace. Pursuing widely practiced protocols at a global level, HSEQ has successfully maintained a safe workplace environment, allowing KE to secure numerous national safety awards.
Careers in HSEQ include Auditing Sites, Conducting Safety Inspections, Educating Workers and Ensuring Compliance to set standards.

Risk Management

Risk Management department at KE is the fiscal guardian for identifying, assessing and mitigating risks to our capital and earnings.

Internal Audit

Acts as a consultant & ensure that organization strives for better internal control system & helps the organization to accomplish its objectives.

Marketing & Communication

Acts as a consultant & ensure that organization strives for better internal control system & helps the organization to accomplish its objectives.


Responsible for developing strategies & set the company’s future direction on a right path to achieve the vision of success

Business Development

Business Development works towards solutions to address critical issues with Industrial, Residential, and Commercial consumers. Offering exciting opportunities . Major projects underway include the Thar Coal Project, Coal Conversion Project, Karachi Biogas and other initiatives under the Renewable Energy Projects.

Information Technology

As with any top utility in the world, the major focus of IT is to provide best-in-class technology solutions to business problems and to facilitate processes. A career in KE IT ensures exposure to diverse technologies such as SAP and Oracle. An excellent team for any skilled IT enthusiast!

Supply Chain

Supply Chain is an integral part of any company’s business operations. Creating and leveraging internal synergies and driving the company’s progress is at the core of Supply Chain. Careers in this function are related to areas of Procurement, Real Estate & Works, Fleet Management, Transformer Workshops and Inventory.